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Satisfied Customers

“I would particularly draw attention to the view out the window. It adds much to the luxurious feel of the house. I could tell that my stay would be one to remember and would highly recommend this service to anyone.”

Leo Pearson

December 2022

“Our stay in Miami was great. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed every minute. Big pool, comfortable house and great hosts. Limo brought us back and forth.”

Darren Chandler

December 2022

“I visit Miami regularly, but this time I wanted to relax in a special way. My wife and I rented a house and got a discount on a limousine reservation. Thanks!”

Harry Smith

December 2022

“I never thought you could have such a great time in Miami. Fantastic waves, comfortable yacht, limousine ride there and back from the airport! Five stars!”

Jack Hunter

November 2022

“Make your Miami visit unforgettable with this top-notch service! The house, yacht, and limo are all spotless and perfect for a group of friends!”

Khalil Hinton

November 2022

“I was truly amazed by my time in Miami. The waves were amazing, the yacht was comfortable, and the limousine ride to and from the airport was the icing on the cake. It was a 5-star experience!”

Kamryn Fitzgerald

November 2022

“Great comfortable home with a pool, wi-fi, bathroom, large bedrooms and wide beds. Came with a large group to have our own floating festival.”

Brett Russo

November 2022

“Miami is a dream come true! Amazing waves, luxurious yacht, and even a limo ride there and back - it was five stars all the way!”

Jerome Nicholson

October 2022

“Will certainly stay again. Plenty of amenities, electronics, etc. Overall experience is very positive. Limo is huge, up to 17 people!”

Apollo Booth

October 2022

“The limousine we ordered from the airport was exemplary and allowed us to get to the house quickly. Several yachts to choose from to suit all tastes. The party went great!”

Finlay Parry

October 2022

“The view out the window was also magnificent and really made me appreciate the house more. I could tell that it would be a great stay and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a luxurious vacation.”

Harrison Scott

October 2022

“The trip to Miami was an absolute blast! The waves were incredible, the yacht was cozy and the limousine ride to and from the airport was a real treat. Five stars all around!”

Harold Castro

September 2022